July 15, 2024
The Advantage and Disadvantage of Some Types of Fabrics

Different fabrics have different features. If we know some of these, it will be beneficial for us to make an ideal purchase.

1 Cotton cloth

It is the generic term for all kinds of cotton textiles. It is often used to make fashion, casual clothing, underwear and shirts. It is light, warm, soft and snug. Its hygroscopicity and breathability are excellent, yet it is apt to shrink and wrinkle, so it looks not so stiff and smooth. You need to iron it often if you wear the clothing made of this fabric.

2 Linen

It refers to the fabric made from some bast fibers such as cannabis, flax, ramie and jute. It is generally used to make casual clothing and work clothing. Currently it is also used to make summer clothing. It possesses good strength and has good hygroscopicity, heat conduction and breath ability. However, it is uncomfortable to wear and it looks coarse and hard.

3 Silk

It is the generic term for all the silk textiles that woven from the material of silk yarns. The same with cotton clothing, it has various types and each of them has its own particular features. It is often used to make variety of clothes, especially the lady’s dress. It looks bright and lustrous. It is light, smooth and ventilate. Once you wear the clothing made of this fabric, you will look elegant and you will feel very comfortable. However, although possessing so many advantages, it still has many disadvantages, for example, it is easy to wrinkle and fade color and it is not so durable.

4 The wool fabric

It refers to the textile made of different kinds of wool and cashmere. Generally speaking, it is often used to make formal and high quality clothes such as the full dress, the business suit and the overcoat. It is wrinkle free, wearable, soft and stiff. It is also flexible and can keep warm well. However, it is hard to be washed and not suitable to make summer clothing.

5 Leather

It is the tannage made from animal skin and it is mostly used to make winter clothing. It can be classified into two types. One type is leather and the other is designing fur. Designing fur is light and good at keeping warm. Moreover, it looks noble and dignity. However, it is so expensive and hard to be stored that it needs your special care.

6 The chemical fiber

It is the fiber made from polymeric compound. It has two types, namely artificial fiber and synthetic fiber. Both are colorful, soft, drooping, stiff and sleek, but their heat resistance, hygroscopicity and breathability are not so good. It will be out of shape if contacting with heat and it is easy to produce static electricity. It can be used to make different kinds of clothes, yet the clothes made of this fabric are not high-grade.