June 18, 2024

Yangon is a city where numerous pagodas are found. Apart from these pagodas, there are also stupas and other worship shrines that cover the rest of the capital city of Burma. Yangon pagodas are one of the things the city is famous for. Pagodas reveal the real culture and beliefs of the Burmese people. Even though parts of the city have already been modernized, the pagodas are still used by devotees for their regular religious rites. The colorful pagodas resemble the beauty and magnificence of true Myanmar customs.

Here are a few of the famous pagodas in Yangon:

Shwedagon Pagoda (Golden Pagoda) – This pagoda has a height of 321.5 feet and is found in the west part of Kandawgyi Lake, below the Singuttara Hill. For the Burmese, the Shwedagon Pagoda is the most sacred pagoda of Lord Buddha. According to them the worship place was built to shelter Buddha’s hair. The spire of the pagoda has thick coats of gold and contains rubies, diamonds and precious stones that make the place a well-renowned site. It has a beautiful lighting effect as if the Buddha still lives in the place. The pagoda is a wonderful sight to behold and is sure to delight visitorswith its divine beauty.

Botataung Pagoda – Botataung means “1000 military officers” in Burmese language. It is said that this pagoda was where the one thousand military officers of the king of Burma guarded the relics of Buddha when it was brought from India to Burma about two thousand years ago. Even though the Botataung pagoda is hallow inside, the locals believe that it still houses the sacred relics of Gautama Buddha. The pagoda was destroyed during World War II, and later rebuilt after the war ended. It is now open to the public and serves as one of the historical sites in Yangon.

Maha Wizaya Pagoda – The Maha Wizaya pagoda was built in 1980, located on the Dhammarakkhita Hill, also called The Guardian of the Law Hill. The pagoda is now a very famous place in Yangon that welcomes thousands of visitors each year. The Maha Wizaha contains traditional and decorative arts made by modern artists and artisans. You will find two giant guardlions at the entrance hall of the pagoda which is a typical icon of the Burmese tradition. There are many beautiful and artistic things to see within the pagoda that make visitors come back for more.

World Peace Pagoda – This is a known Buddhist stupa that was built to provide people of all races a place to unite in search of world peace. There are other pagodas all over the world that have the same design as the World Peace Pagoda in Yangon. It is also where Buddhist monks gather during world peace ceremonies.

Sule Pagoda – You will find the Sule Pagoda in downtown Yangon. It occupies the center where the contemporary Burmese politics, geography and ideology of Burma originated. The pagoda is believed to have been established more than 2,500 years ago. It was built with an Indian stupa structure which is a replica of a relic mould. The Sule Pagoda is covered with gold paint and has an eye catching view most especially during the evening when the lights are turned on.

Those are just among the many other pagodas, religious shrines and stupas found in Yangon. A visit to the city will never be complete without visiting some of these pagodas that exhibit the unique culture of the Burmese people.