July 15, 2024
The Fruit-Cake (Acts II: The Trailer-Park)

The Curtain Falls

[The Curtain goes up]


Anyone who was saying to themselves this was a bit one sided, in favor of the

male gender will be glad to get to the second act, and perhaps we can iron this out, when I write it that is, but for now I’m sorry, this is it. To be continued…

[A month later I wrote it–the new act.] In any case, we are now at the trailer court, it is a private park-court, and Eva’s parents have a plot of land that they keep for when they come into the city of St. Paul, to visit, therefore, they have a place all ready for them to park their little trailer home for the summer, as fall comes, and then winter they will be in Florida at another trailer court they own a plot of land also in Florida.

When they are not at either place, they are driving with their trailer all over the country. They are retired folk, and come back to the park twice a year for about two or three months, depending on/or should I say again, ‘if’ they can deal with fall or winter in Minnesota, and life’s ups and down’s, and of course if they don’t get bored. But they know a lot of people and have many “Hello’s”, and phone calls to make, along with visiting.

They are now, all standing outside by the trailer having a picnic of sorts, bratwursts are cooking, Lee is standing by his fiancé Eva looking at the food cooking, as the mother [Holly] is bringing out the food from the trailer [seemingly making more trips than what she needs to], along with plates to eat on, and silverware, putting those neatly on the table. The father is standing by the picnic table wanting to talk to Lee about his heart condition, but is lost for words…


Acts II and III completed on April 27, 2003 (reviewed 2/2006).

Act II

The Trailer-Park

Lunch Time

If you look around you will see a beautiful private park with mobile homes on plots of land, sections, squares if you will, with names on mail box’s, and a gate keeper as you enter this highly and most noted park for the retired–although the plots of land are expensive, the continue monthly payments for the upkeep of the place is somewhat reasonable; for the most part, it is used for those who come to vacation in Minnesota during the Summer, and as mentioned a few times before, the owner-tenants, get the hell out of there in time to avoid the cold winters [smart people if you ask me]. These are the kind of mobile homes you hook on the back of a car and driver cross-country. Nothing stays in the park permanently except for a few shelters built for afternoon relaxation, such as outside screened in patios, which of course protects one from those infamous clusters of man eating mosquitoes, and Minnesota has its share.

There are plenty of wooded areas in the surroundings, and a medium size pool in the park, along with neighbors walking to and fro up and down the paved black-asphalt paths leading around the park, and which is also used for the cars so they can go park their trailers on their lot’s [although cars are not permitted to abuse this right of driving on the grass if need be to part their trailer; –again this privilege is just for parking and visiting [–no Sunday morning driving around].

The sun is out, and the park is sparkling clean, a few dogs running loose, chasing one another, along with squirrels, and birds singing. A picture perfect day, except Lee keeps rubbing his chest, as if it is causing him some discomfort. He has been out of the hospital for one week now, was in the hospital for about three weeks, and does not want to go back in. His heart was beating normally when he left, and all seems well and dandy.

As I said everything’s perfect, almost: Eva comments to Lee, “Isn’t it gorgeous sweetheart?” He replies, as sweet as he can, “Well, maybe, kind of, I mean, I seem to mean, yes, and no. I’m having a little pain in my chest.” Kind of a rapid heart thing again…actually it is beating reminiscent of a being under battle-combat in a war, as if I’ve been dodging rockets, around for an hour as I did in wartime, like…tick-kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, something similar to that, a fast running clock!”

Says Eva: “Look! That’s my parent’s old friends coming…” adding, uncouthly, “Hay Glen, Harry!” Eva is waving resembling a long lost person on a stranded island out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean; they own several apartment buildings, she tells Lee as she waves. [Harry has an umbrella in his hands.]

Harry politely waves at Eva.

Glen [sternly and abrupt]. Good afternoon Eva, where is your mother and father?

Lee [looks over slowly at them with calculating eyes, pulls Eva slightly, so he can whisper to her]. I’m not feeling well, do you got to invite them over, I mean really?

Eva [hopefully]. Sweetheart, you are just so rude sometimes, of course I have to, what would they think of me if I didn’t. [Lee doesn’t answer just gives Eva a disgusting look].

Harry [apologetically]. Sorry we had to scream it out, you know the hellos [Lee is putting on the best smile he can, but it looks more similar to a grin]

Eva [a chatter box]. This is my husband to be Lee [everyone shakes hands. Within a few seconds, everyone starts talking a mile a minute, everyone but Lee that is, and nothing is distinguishable within the conversations going on].

Lee [abstractedly rude]. Do you ever stop with that mouth Eva, put a lid on it; I’m getting a head-ach, and I’m just not feeling well.

Eva [offended]. He’s a little grouchy today, just got out of the hospital, heart attack and stroke, those kinds of things.

Glen [concerned]. Maybe we should talk to your parents later, when you folks are done visiting, you know, I had a friend with heart problems, and I guess, you just need a little quiet sometimes [Glen smiling at Lee; Lee smiling back as if to say, at least she understands].

Eva [appalled at the thought]. Oh, no, no, no, noooo…I won’t hear of such a thing. Come and see my parents. [They are now walking from the edge of the roadway, over to the trailer]

Everyone now is standing around the picnic table, Eva’s two parents, Holly and Bruce, along with their friends, Glen and Harry, and of course, Eva and Lee. Lee’s head is spinning and his chest seems to be bothering him a little more than before; –he’s feeling anxious for the most part. He rubs his chest. Then suddenly walks away from the group, and onto the asphalt-path leading toward the gate. Eva discovers Lee is on the road, about fifty-feet away; and she sees it as, he is aimlessly walking, and seemingly talking to himself.

Eva [hastily, trying to catch up with Lee]. Wait, wait, Lee, where you going? [She catches up] I can’t believe this: –you just up and walk away.

She tries to grab his hand but Lee moves it away, the gate guard now is looking at them, so Eva asks if she can feel his chest.

Eva [now moving her hand after getting permission to do her testing, by putting her hand on his chest]; –my god, Lee, your heart is beating faster than a mad-hatter, my god, faster than a train. [She can’t help it, and adds] “…but you know, that is no excuse to be so awful back there– Lee!

Lee [shaking his head]. I could be dying, I mean really dying, and you’d be concerned about etiquette. My god woman, where is your sense of reality [?]

Eva [warning emphasis]. If you continue to be like this, I will not be able to deal with you, I mean, I’ve always been a sort of–sort of domineering person I suppose, I know, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care how you are.

Lee [bewildered]. I didn’t say all that, that you didn’t care, and yes we have priorities, but I’m just not feeling well. As you can tell, and see, I’m very tired.

Eva [calmly]. Yes, I insist right after the picnic, I’ll take you to the hospital, and you can stay overnight and let them check you out again. Something is happening again. That heart beat is just too damn fast.

Lee [uneasy]. Hospital, I just hate to go back, I love these sunny days; I really missed them while in the hospital. [Then in thought, he knew his mother would be devastated again to see him go back to the hospital, they had lived together 15-years, not to include the years before high school, which was another 17-years, making it 32-years out of his 55-years on earth. He tells Eva, “Let my mother know, but simply imply it is for a check up, no more.” She agrees.

Eva [looking at Lee jokingly says]. You’ll make a good medical tax right off when we get married. [Slowly Lee turns his head away from her, thinking, it’s a low sort of joke, but says nothing, only mumbles to his unconscious, ‘were not married yet’.]

A dumbfounding look befalls Lee, he really doesn’t want to return to the hospital or join the others at the picnic but he is hungry, and the hospital makes sense. As they turn back to go to the picnic, Eva’s places her hand the second time on his chest, as if to re-verify, this is for real. Then suddenly they stop just before the picnic tables, her parents watching, as if to put on a show, she confirms: “Yes, you got to go back to the hospital, your heat beat is way to fast!” and grabs his hand and sits down to eat.