July 22, 2024
The Whole Family Can Enjoy a Luxury Holiday to St Lucia in the Caribbean

Surrounded by water and breathtaking views, rimmed with blossoming tropical beauty, extremely beautiful lush and white beaches, high volcanic mountains and peaks, and mesmerizing rain forests. People go there to visit and enjoy the spectacular scenery of dark and golden elegant sandy resorts and beaches, luxurious hotels located on the stunning and seductive sites, glorious gardens and a number of other fun provoking places.

Can you imagine one place with all these opportunities to relax and unwind? Located between the St Vincent and Martinique, St Lucia is one of the biggest tropical islands of West Indies, which is blessed with such natural and magnificent beauty. Famous luxurious hotels of St Lucia are East Winds Inn, Cap Maison, Discovery at Marigot Bay, Cottage Bay Village, and The Body Holiday at Leesport.

The main characteristic of these hotels is to provide you with the best of physical and mental relaxation and peace. Rooms are comfortable and filled with luxurious items. Neatness and perfect cleanliness is one of the specialties of these hotels. View from the rooms is mesmerizing and thrilling.

Some of the hotels are located on the hillside; thus, providing the best live scenery of seashore, incredible beaches, and swimming pools of the hotels. Every sort of food is served in these restaurants and the menu changes daily. Large variety of food from light diet to heavy Bar B Qs and delicious seafood are the mouth-watering attractions available there.

People there are involved in different kinds of activities like windsurfing, scuba diving, water skiing, kayaking, sailing, deep sea fishing, hiking in rainforests, and riding. As it is surrounded by water, therefore, most of the activities of people are linked with sea and water. Spas are famous there. There are proper places and houses for the body massage where tired muscles are massaged and relaxed.

People in great number are addicted to Spas there which not only provides them physical treatment and relaxation, but mental peace and comfort too. Some of the hotels also offer the Spa facility at their place to soothe their guests. There are variety of shopping experiences in St Lucia, which suits to all types of travellers and tourists.

You will find big shopping malls to small shops, which provide you with every type of clothing, commodity, or any other items according to your tastes and needs. You can get different variety of crystals, jewellery, cigars, paintings, carvings local crafts, and arts. Moreover, duty free shops are also present there in large numbers, which are compatible according the requirements. In fact, shopping in St Lucia provides you a unique shopping experience of your life.

St Lucia unlike other holiday destinations, offers a starlit night scene instead of rocking bars and clubs. Although clubs are available, so are bars but its specialty lies in the outdoor night scenes. The hotels, however, have a very lively music and dance floors, which are open for all. St Lucia, hence, provides a golden destination for a beautiful luxury family holiday in the Caribbean.