July 15, 2024
Tired of the Rat Race – Party Yacht Rentals Are a Dream Come True

While driving or rather parking on the freeway waiting for the cars ahead to move, all I could think about was being back out on the water watching the sunset. You see, I’d recently been invited to a corporate party on a party yacht rental. This was no ordinary boat. It had all the amenities and there were about 150 guests including my happy self.

“Oh great,” I thought to myself as I noticed there was some movement ahead and the line of cars were pulling away, finally, I’d get to move forward a few hundred yards on my 30-mile commute home. About an hour and a half and a quarter of a tank of gas in realistic terms. Just then wouldn’t you know it, the guy in front of me was texting and didn’t move. Four cars from the other two lanes merged in front of him before he moved, I was having a flashback to that old movie Breaking Down where the guy in the wheelchair is moving faster than the traffic on the freeway (parking lot).

The only thing that helped me hold it together was my fond memories of my voyages on that wonderful party yacht rental. Suddenly, I didn’t care that the lady in the Mercedes was less than a foot from my bumper, or the guy in the pick-up was trying to intimidate me into backing off so he could get in my lane ahead of me. Nor, did I give a darn that I’d just been hand-signaled that I was number one by a motorcycle splitting lanes at 45 mph. No, all I could think of was planning a get-away with my family and closest friends and going on a yacht party boat, sailing off into the Sunset.

I remembered a conversation I had with the captain of the party yacht rental I went on, he explained that each party was unique and customized, all pre-planned for satisfaction. As a guest, I felt more than satisfied. I’ll never forget it. And, I want to go back on the open water again, and the sooner the better. But enough day-dreaming for one day. I saw my exit coming up ahead, almost home.

It was time to go relax and start planning my very own yacht party. Who would I invite? What date would I set? What sort of events would I want? Dinner, dancing, whale watching, sunset chasing. I guess I have a lot to think about before I hit the early morning commute the next day.