July 15, 2024
Top 5 Senior Care Franchises

Senior care franchises are flourishing as the population is growing older than ever before. Many of the franchises available to entrepreneurs fulfill serious needs in seniors, improving their quality of life and giving them the peace of mind they need to continue living at home and doing the things they enjoy.

ComForcare Senior Services: As a non-medical senior service company, this business has a number of service offerings. Like many senior care franchises, it tailors its available services to the type of tasks that can be difficult for some seniors to perform on their own. Everything from grocery shopping to dressing to bathing can be performed by the service providers at ComForcare. This can allow seniors to stay in their own homes long after they have lost the ability to perform certain household tasks.

Interim Health Care: For both medical and non-medical senior assistance, Interim is one of the larger senior care franchises. With more than 300 units, the company has a large network of senior care franchises that have been providing nursing care as well as household assistance to seniors for more than four decades. It is the oldest healthcare franchise in the U.S. and continues to grow as the demand for quality senior care grows.

Acti-Kare: Acti-Kare caters to seniors who want to remain at home and need some assistance with tasks like taking medication, walking, gardening, driving and any other tasks that have become too difficult to do alone. Acti-Kare is a low-cost franchise and one that new business owners can start up in their own homes. The company provides executive training, and the caregivers that are hired are already pre-screened by the parent company. They all have experience in the industry. With its low cost and pre-screened, service providers, Acti-Kare is one of the easier senior care franchises to buy.

Digicom Specialties: With diagnostic tests like ultrasounds and echocardiograms commonly needed in every region, Digicom Specialties has catered to that need with mobile diagnostic services. Doctors’ offices, nursing homes and other businesses use Digicom to provide professional diagnostic testing. The business uses licensed technicians to provide mobile services to those who need them. The company provides classroom training to new franchise owners and provides ongoing support in the form of field visits, meetings and phone support that is available 24 hours a day.

Seniors Helping Seniors: With a unique approach among senior care franchises, Seniors Helping Seniors pairs seniors together to mutually benefit both parties. A senior who wishes to help others can assist another senior with tasks that need to be done and to earn money by doing so. A senior who needs help at home can rely on another senior who understands the challenges of growing older. This enables both parties to stay active and to find fulfillment in the company of another senior. The services offered by seniors are growing as the franchisor continues to expand into new markets.