June 22, 2024

With the world cup shining the spotlight on South Africa local tourism is getting the kick start it desperately needs. While the major centers like Cape Town and Johannesburg already popular with tourists, it’s the smaller venues that are getting some much deserved attention. This is a very diverse country and he diversity is in much more than just its people. The Free State is probably the least “famous” province in South Africa but it is arguably the most authentic.

Known for its vast open spaces, it’s a province that is dominated by farming communities and old South African charm. With Bloemfontein as the biggest city, the majority of the Free State is untouched by major development you can drive for hours through the long roads and see nothing but the odd sheep here and there.

What makes the Free State so special is that it is unlike any other place in the world. Local Farm shops in small towns selling traditional food and craft is more than just charming – its an experience. Small artist communities like the one in Clarens is like stepping into a new universe while the scenic beauty of the Golden Gate mountain range allows you to explore the magnificent natural beauty.

The best way to explore the stunning natural beauty of the province is by car. Flights from Johannesburg land every 3 hours in Bloemfontein and you can pick up a car at the airport. Hotels are scarce, but it’s the best part. Guesthouses and Bed And Breakfasts is the way to go and many farms allow guests which is a great way to see authentic South African living in a province known for its old school charm.