June 22, 2024

Travelling along a motorway or some other road for that matter I’m often amazed in the difference in caravan blinds being either opened or closed. Now this isn’t something you would judge as an important debatable matter however ask any caravan devotee whether you ought to drive along with your caravan blinds opened or closed and you can begin a mini dispute.

For a lot of us the choice of whether to travel with the caravan blinds opened or closed is not really a choice in the slightest degree but will just be the position the blinds are when they set off. For some others though this rather straightforward choice has taken a great deal of deliberation.

The practical conclusion is usually made after the design of the caravan is taken into consideration. Numerous caravans are designed using a closed rear part and often the full length mirror positioned nicely at the back of the caravan. In this case travelling with all the blinds on the caravan down will help reduce confusion as you try to use rear view mirror.

It really is not an uncommon sight to see a lot of more caravans travelling in the summer with the blinds down. The reason for this is that when arriving at the destination the inside of the caravan can be comfortably cool as the sunlight will have been reflected back. It should however be noted that during the summer season this convention of travelling with the blinds down to help reflect the sunlight therefore keeping the caravan interior cool may reflect sunlight back onto other drivers.

Lots of other drivers along with caravan fans will find this practice of driving in high sunlight with silver reflecting blinds pulled down unsafe and one that ought to often be discouraged.

Often on stretched journeys you’ll be using motorways, highways or another significant connecting roads. Usually in the spell on these roads you may no doubt have to stop one or two times for a break but it is whilst stopped that some people might have a problem with leaving the caravan blinds up. Other caravan fanatics are going to be keen to speak to you about your caravan and on the whole its interior, but some will be more interested in all the valuable stuff within your interior.

If you happen to be new to towing a caravan and wondering just where must the blinds be at the same time as travelling, listed here are a few points you may want to take into account. Where exactly will you be travelling to and will you need to stop on the way, what will the weather be like on that journey and before you depart make sure you have had a look through your rear view mirror to see just exactly what’s in there.