July 22, 2024
Unbiased Spirituality

Compassion, Joy, Equanimity, Unconditional Love, Philosophical mindfulness and a balanced perspective of Psychology are the core attributes of unbiased Spirituality. Even ‘mainstream religions’ allow themselves to have these perspectives.

Even if one’s evolutionary stage of development can only relate to ‘Mythic literal’ perspectives…

these core attributes still ring of truth…

For so many folks meandering up the evolution of human growth stages, they are attracted to the distraction of religions based on the lure of the man-made up myths, the so-called miracles and magic that was once necessary to just gain the attention of the collective consciousness of the archaic mindset of millennia ago.

Some traditions have a way of keeping progressive progress from transcending towards Higher and Deeper realms of ‘personal’ Spiritual Awareness.

Even the concept of a ‘personal’ Spiritual Awareness, is still forbidden in most ‘religious’ traditions.

Fortunately, there are a few new ‘spinoffs’ of mainstream religions branching out with more progressive inspirations and are now beginning to expand their archaic traditions to include the sensibilities of our post-modern rational majority, thus ushering in many folks that would not have bothered with traditional out dated close-minded religions.

Transcending to Higher and Deeper perspectives of personal Higher Consciousness, while including the core beliefs, integrating the morals, virtues, philosophical mindfulness, and the psychologically balanced perspectives of an unbiased personally fulfilling Spirituality without the traditional un-rational requirements of believing the myths, magic, and miracles of their dogma as the literal truth and thus falsely assuming that is proof of “God”… thus “No personal experiencing” necessary and often banned.

These misconceptions of irrational beliefs that were traditionally demanded on otherwise rational people eventually backfired, causing a landslide of humanity to abandon not only religion, but also to abandon their own pursuit of a personally connected practice of Spirituality.

In other words…

The Spiritual baby was thrown out with the dirty bath water of outdated traditional church dogma.

One’s Spiritual Path is a personal “Journey” towards Enlightenment of one’s Soul.

Not a guilt trip.

Nor, a ‘divide and conquer’ bias of separating those that pray like they do and the rest of humanity that can be disenfranchised because they believe those wretched souls are going to hell.

This is traditionally why most of the wars were started.

Faith is not about fearing ‘God’… It’s all about love.

There are no words or Christian scriptures that explain ‘God’… to a point of attaining “heaven”.

Zen, Tao, Hindu Bhakti, and even the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path…

at best can only ‘point out’ a way to ‘experience’ the Divine Bliss for one’s self.

Until you ‘taste’ Divinity by personal experience, you will never know ‘God’.

Keep in mind, that ‘God’ really isn’t the old white dude, that we were taught to fear… egotistically perched on a golden throne, peering down on all us worthless sinners eager to smite us down for the petty projections of the archaic mindset once in control of church and state.


“God” is a conceptual-less concept that is far and beyond the understandings of our conceptual minds.

Yet very simple…

If you want to Love ‘God’ you first need to love yourself.

If you want to know ‘God’, you must first know your True Self.

If you want to speak to ‘God’,

you must learn the language that ‘God’ speaks…

Silence is the language ‘God’ speaks.

Connecting to your inner Stillness in Deep contemplative meditation will open a door to your inner Silence.

Abiding in your inner Silence will open a door to the sacred and boundless Spaciousness that is the Ground of your True Nature of Being.

Meditate on the non-duel awareness of your inner stillness, silence and finally

the union with boundless spaciousness…

There within one’s ‘center’, lies a sacred space in which there are no thoughts, concepts, no ‘me’ or duality… No past, no future… just the perfection of the ever-present moments.

It simply just ‘is’.

And to rest there, in that… boundless space…

as if cradled in the arms of the Mother of one’s true Being… nourished, protected, calm clear light of Awareness…

this is about as close to bliss as one can get…

without liberation from the cycle of samsara and attaining Nirvana in this life.

Rest and abide in this boundless Space of your True Nature as long as it remains fresh… and repeat.

~ ~ ~

As the radiance of the sun ripens fruit…

radiate the virtues of Unconditional Love, Joy, Compassion and Equanimity

to all sentient beings everywhere.

Allow yourself to feel this radiance reflected back to you.

May this radiance fill your heart and soul with Bliss

while you find contentment in the ever-present moment…


Enjoying Eternal Bliss…


making this world a better place for our

children’s, children’s, children…