June 18, 2024

The magical land of Rajasthan might not be as fertile as the northeastern region of India but it is not devoid of charms and tourism opportunities. On the contrary, it attracts maximum number of international tourists every year. The luxury heritage hotels and palace retreats of Rajasthan offer you best pampering, elegant aura, and royal lavishness to the extreme. Rajasthan travel and tourism opportunities make it one of the most favored North India destinations. The holiday ideas and themes in Rajasthan include heritage tours, desert tours, horse and camel safari tours, forts and palaces tours, cultural and festival tours, romantic tours, Rajasthan wedding and honeymoon tours, and tiger and wildlife tours and also includes Luxury Golden Triangle Tours.

Known for love of bright and vibrant colors, Rajasthani men typically dress in brightly colored turbans and women wear flaring ghaghras and chunris in very unusual and striking colors. The frock coats of Rajasthani dancers and even the embroidered and embellished drum covers used by the artists are in bright and happy colors. From wall paintings and murals to embroidery and paintings, bright colors seem to be a way of life for Rajasthani people as if to break the monotony of great stretches of sandy deserts. Royal palaces at Rajasthan often sport most delicate and intricate architectural features such as ornate brackets and lace-like stone carvings and screen facades.

Today, fort and palaces of Rajasthan are the biggest tourist attractions of the state. Some of them have been turned into luxury heritage hotels while others have been turned into museums to display royal splendor and artistic patronage of the erstwhile rulers of the princely states in the region. Tourism and holiday options at Rajasthan are not limited to architectural heritage of the state. Visit the golden sand dunes of Jaisalmer and spend fabulous bonfire nights with some of the most exceptional performances of Rajasthani folk dances and arts to witness. Ghoomer, Kalbeliya, and puppet shows of Rajasthan are some of the most renowned dance forms here.

Exclusive pilgrimage destinations of Rajasthan offer you a glimpse of religious fervor, and unique cultures and traditions of Rajasthan at once. Pushkar with the world’s only consecrated Lord Brahma Temple and the famous Dargan Sharif at Ajmer are some of the most revered sites in Rajasthan that attract maximum number of visitors and devotees every year. Pushkar Fair is the world’s largest camel fair and has interesting competitions to see and participate in while Urs at Ajmer Sharief is a study in devotion and faith of the people in itself. Legends add life and character to the monuments and heritage sires of Rajasthan. You may also tour different sites known for their exclusive arts and crafts. Traditional Jewellery with minakari and inlay work of gems and precious stones is famous at Jaipur. Mirror work not only embellishes fabrics at Rajasthan. Almost all the famous palace complexes have at least one Hall of Mirrors that glitter dazzlingly at night, even if you carry just a single candle in hand.