July 22, 2024
Visit Iconic New Zealand Destinations With A Motor Home Rental

Motor homes have and continue to be one of the most popular vehicles that tourists select to travel throughout New Zealand. Enabling a level of freedom that is not afforded to other transport modes, motor home rentals in New Zealand allow travellers to navigate the country at their own pace, selecting their own routes off the beaten track. With the accommodation being on the back axles, tourists can stop wherever they wish for the night. There are a plethora of world class camping areas and campgrounds located throughout New Zealand which have a multitude of powered and non-powered sites, located in various scenic and urban areas.

New Zealand is renowned for its natural beauty and undisturbed environments. As a result, there are numerous iconic and must-see locations where tourists flock to in their tens of thousands each year. Included among these iconic locations are Kaikoura, Corromandel, Rotorua and Queenstown. Kaikoura is located on the east side of the South Island, in between Picton and Christchurch. A quintessential New Zealand seaside town, Kaikoura offers unparalleled 360 degree views, with majestic mountains on one side and coastal wonders on the other. Kaikoura’s coastline is notorious for its aquatic wildlife, with the Hikurangi trench providing the perfect environment for whales, dolphins and seals that come close its shores.

The Corromandel Peninsula is several hours north of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city. The area is blessed with a warm climate, large tracts of native forests and some of the most pristine sandy bays and beaches found in the world. Hot Water Beach is a popular location for national and international tourists alike. The thermal region provides for a unique experience, whereby holes can be dug in the sand on low tide and hot water rises from the ground to create a make shift hot pool. Cathedral cove is another well visited coastal landmark, where sandy beaches meet tree clad shores and towering rock formations.

Renowned for its geothermal activity and as a focal point of Maori culture, Rotorua has been thrilling tourists for decades. Bubbling mud pools and rising geysers of hot water are coupled with cultural displays recreating the past history of the native Maori people of New Zealand. Rotorua is blessed with a range of pristine lakes and rivers which are also productive trout fisheries.

Being the adventure capital of the world, Queenstown is perhaps the best known destination within New Zealand. Famous for its range of adventure activities, such as jet boating, skydiving and bungy jumping, Queenstown provides dozens of thrilling experiences.