April 24, 2024

Cocooned between Mexico and Guatemala lies Belize with all its natural splendor and unspoiled resources. Together with the remnants of numerous Maya temples and a fascinating mosaic of saltwater flats, mangroves and and Cayes — Belize is unmistakably the most fascinating tourist destination for even the most discerning of travelers.

Belize — A Glimpse!

Archaeologically grand Maya temples, longest Barrier reef in the hemisphere, the most winding and extensive cave system, a paradise for divers and anglers – and one small country at the gateway of Caribbean Sea – Belize has captured the imagination of the hospitality industry, real estate developers and tourists alike.

It’s not only the geography and history of Belize that has transformed the tourism map of this Caribbean country, but a magical blend of its wonderful people, cultures and cuisines has also elevated the status of Belize as one of the most exotic tourist and vacation home destinations in the world. Some of the other glittering stars on the tourism map of Belize which are worth a mention are…

  • One of the few marine landmarks in the world that is visible from the outer space =- The Great Blue Hole.
  • A magical landscape that is teeming with pristine islands, snorkel and diving spots.
  • Dense forests with many ancient Maya sites.
  • Exotic species of flora and fauna exclusively found in the tropical rainforests of the country.
  • Belizean cuisine — where in one tiny country you can experience tastes from all around the world.
  • Foot-tapping Caribbean music to the best arts and crafts replicas from Central America.
  • Bird-watching to kayaking to cave-tubing expeditions — all within range.
  • Dazzling coral reefs opening gates to scuba divers.

For most, a trip to Belize is a life time memory and for others an annual pilgrimage — to their favorite caves and diving spots.

A bit about the Weather
Warm and humid all year round – that sums up the weather of Belize. The maximum temperature difference in a day is usually 10°C. Rainy season runs from June to November while the drier months are from December to May.

Tourists usually prefer the drier months — December to May and expectantly the hotel rates are higher during these months.

Cuisines to Casinos…

Although no travel guide has vouched for the culinary uniqueness of Belize, the diversity in the Belizean cuisines is worth a visit — Creole to continental breakfast, all under one roof. Homemade food served in very modest local restaurants can be surprisingly tasty. In contrast to other tourist destinations, meals can suit every pocket — ranging from US$ 3 to US$ 25. Ambergis Caye boasts of some of the highest quality restaurants while local restaurants are known for delicious Creole dishes rich in meat and seafood.

Belize is not really visited for its casinos but a couple of casinos are worth a mention for those of you who love to socialize around dice. The biggest casino is ‘The Princess Hotel Casino’ which is located in Belize City. The only other casino in Belize is at the hotel ‘The Palace’.

Bon Voyage!

A trip to Belize is often the most anticipated travel plans for most tourists — because of its aura of quaintness and exotic natural surroundings. Belize is unlike any other Caribbean getaway — because of its proximity to North, South and other Central American countries and not to forget the many expatriates who have made Belize their home. Because of the ease of immigration to Belize and the simplified rules for purchasing properties in Belize, the immigrant population has seen a steady climb in recent years.