July 22, 2024
Weymouth Beach Etiquette – Ways For You And Others To Enjoy The Beach

The Weymouth area is a hot spot for many people, especially families looking to enjoy the idyllic Dorset beaches. The area has a wealth of things to see and do for people of any age. To ensure the beaches are enjoyed by everyone, it is nice if everyone follows a good standard of beach etiquette. This does not mean you can have any less fun, it is just a means of making sure everyone gets to enjoy the beaches to their fullest while simply taking a few things into consideration.

A common sight on a summers evening on many beaches through the UK are holidaymakers having a barbecue. There is nothing better than enjoying a barbeque with your family or friends while soaking up the sun. Barbecues are advised against on Weymouth beaches but if you do decide to have one it is worth a few considerations:

Try to have your barbecue in an area that is less likely to cause problems for other users. A good example is trying to keep away from any entrances to the beach.

After you have finished your barbecue, please make sure that you take it home and dispose of it safely. Never put it in one of the bins because it could cause a fire. It is also asked that you don’t bury your used barbecue. Burying a barbecue in the sand actually causes the barbecue and its embers to retain the heat for longer, if a person or dog were to step on it, it could cause severe injury.

Always give consideration to other beach users. If everyone gives each other a little consideration the beach experience is more enjoyable for everyone.

Take your litter home, If everyone does their bit it helps to keep the beaches attractive. How would you like it if you turned up and the beach was full of litter?

While the main Weymouth beach does not allow dogs some in the area do such as Preston beach. Your dog should be kept on a leash, unless it is extremely well behaved and well trained. While you know your dog is friendly, others may not, or they may even be afraid of dogs. If your dog soils the beach, please clean it up and dispose of it in one of the allocated bins to keep the beaches hygienic for everyone.

While these things seem quite obvious and simple to do, many people forget. It is not with malice or ill intent, but just the lack of pausing and thinking about their affect on others who are also trying to enjoy their holidays. The most important thing for everyone to do is to have fun!