July 15, 2024
Whisper Wear

This is a revolutionary breast pump. The Whisper Wear Breast Pump is The World’s First Hands-Free Breast Pump and wants to change the way the world will view breast pumping. The company has focused on researching ways to combine comfort and ease with performance. This new pump is the culmination of their efforts. This pump actually fits inside the woman’s bra! It is comfortable to wear. The entire pumping system with its slim design can be used under the clothing. This is great because it offers women complete privacy while nursing anywhere and doing almost anything.

This is the first pump to identify and duplicate babies suckling patterns and put this into the pumps design. Research shows that babies have a pattern when they suckle especially when first put on the breast. This pump has the latch cycle. Then baby adjust to a faster rate and the pump has the rapid cycle. This stimulates “let down” or milk ejection. Then once the milk comes the baby will slow down their suckling. This is the normal cycle. It has a microprocessor similar to that of small appliances. It programs the patterns right into the system. The pump has an enclosed milk collection system and reduces the chance for contamination.

Simplicity of design means the pump only has three parts that come in contact with the milk so you only have those three parts to clean after each use. Along with their innovation the company has kept an eye on the fashion trends. Two of the pumps come in an attractive lightweight carry bag. The sleek black bag with shoulder strap looks like a typical purse. You can be sure no one would suspect what you are actually carrying in this attractive bag. All of the units come with a year’s warranty and run on two AA batteries which make them convenient. The pump is quiet too!

If you want a unit you can fit in your bra that is discreet and comfortable then this may be the pump for you. Having the freedom to do other tasks and still being able to feed your baby is truly unique and the wave of the future. Finally, we are looking at new ways to help mothers make the job of motherhood just a little bit easier. With this hands free revolutionary breast pump it opens up a whole new world for mothers and their babies.