July 15, 2024
Why Home Security Systems That Use Barking Dog Sounds Work So Well to Deter Burglars

Choosing a barking dog alarm system that can monitor and detect all the unnecessary movements in your home is quite a challenging task. We all know that the biggest asset we have is our home and its contents, thus, protecting them should be on our checklist. A barking dog alarm effectively reduces home robberies and burglaries rate.

An unlawful entry with the intention of committing theft and robbery is defined as burglary – even if it includes no forcible entry. According to research, almost 22 percent of robbery cases happen in the United States, losing almost $4 billion worth of property to its victims. Plus, it keeps on increasing as time pass by. When it comes to crime-reductions and safety measures, most people are aware that being watchful on that can save countless expenses, hassles and even stress. So, getting a reliable barking dog alarm for home security requires a bit of practicality.

Of course, as consumers, we always wanted to double check and read or hear some reviews about a specific product before making any purchase. This is to make sure that what we are spending is worth it. To help you check out home security systems that can effectively deter burglars, try looking for a reliable home security adviser. Most home security advisers would simply advise that an alarm system with a barking sound can work better in any type of home.

A barking dog alarm often provides convenience to its users as it always comes with a remote control and can be plugged on home standard power outlet. Aside from that, this security system is user-friendly, requires no installation, and maintenance-free. But of course, it requires a little cleaning or dusting. Some reliable brands are weatherproof which can work even during winter.

A barking dog alarm is the ideal watch guard since it does what even the best living and breathing watchdog can’t do like keeping active and alert within 24 hours. It never sleeps even if there is a power shortage as it usually comes with back up power supply. This electronic anti-burglar device can protect homes, apartments, mobile homes, RVs, jewelry stores, hotels, factories and warehouses from theft and robbery. In addition, it usually comes with radar sensitivity feature which can be adjusted from 0 to 20 meters range. It can also detect every movement even through thick walls and glasses and even at the back of it. Some dog barking alarms can be plugged into an appliance timer which can be programmed whenever you want it to function.

The barking noise sounds very real that may let intruders assume that you have an angry German shepherd inside. And as the intruder advances, the barking sounds get louder and fiercer. But the sounds can be adjusted as well. Some brands provide four sound settings with controllable volumes. This can be adjusted from a barking dog sound to a tranquil sound of the rainforest, and even to a chime.

Barking dog alarm is the most efficient way to deter burglars and to keep your home safe and secured especially if you are out for travel. This can create a realistic barking sound and can detect unnecessary movement within 20 meter range and provide a realistic solution to increasing robbery cases.