June 22, 2024

Hampi being the seat of the famed Vijayanagara Empire is a wonderful city that holds significance due to its architectural marvels. It is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site in India. This small village positions itself within the ruins of the Vijayanagara Empire.

Various architectural marvels, religious sites and historic ruins add popularity to Hampi tourism.

Chandikesvara Temple – Chiseled Charm of Stones

The temple is counted among the most important places to visit in Hampi which is known for its remarkable architecture. Constructed during the period of the Vijayanagara Empire, the temple positions itself just by the main road to the city. This gorgeous temple has Lord Vishnu as its main deity. It remains open from dawn to dusk on all days of the week and entry is absolutely free. Like various other beautiful structures in Hampi, this temple also exhibits the Vijayanagara style of architecture. Standing within a small compound, the temple houses a big hall in front of it. The architecture features the richly carved pillars positioning in the front hall.

Domed Gateway, Hampi – Reminder of Glorious Past

It is an old doorway located in the town of Hampi. The huge entrance is an exciting structure that draws visitor’s attention. It is among the well-preserved structures that Hampi tourism boasts of. It has managed to bear with time and human destruction. It remains open on all days of the week. The domed gateway is inspired by the Islamic architectural style, which distinguishes it from the other fascinating structures in Hampi which boast of representing the Vijayanagara architectural style. The carved doorway has well-built arches and huge domes that add popularity to the place. It is considered as the prime gateway to the Royal centre at Hampi. Being the only surviving structure to the citadel, it holds its own importance.

Chakratirtha – The Revered Site

If you love exploring religious places to visit in Hampi, you would love to visit Chakratirtha in Hampi. Lying on the banks of the River Tungabhadra, it is regarded as the most revered bathing site on the River Tungabhadra. Counted among the most interesting places to visit, the site holds attraction for pilgrims around the world. Travelers can visit the site anytime as it remains open all days of the week and there is no entry fee for the site. If you wish to return home with memories, you can also click some pictures here. There are many legends associated with the site. One of them says that it is the site where Lord Shiva blessed Lord Vishnu with the most powerful weapon, the Chakra.