July 15, 2024
Yacht Parties Quickly Becoming the Highest Rated Social Event

Have you ever been to a yacht party? If you had, you’d have remembered it. At least that’s what the latest polling data is showing for corporate event planners. Consider if you will, having a cocktail on a party yacht with people you know, like and work with – watching the Sun slowly set, looking out and seeing the islands and looking to the other side of the party yacht and seeing the shoreline in the distance. Just imagine that imprinting on your memory. This is something you will never forget, nor will anyone else on this short voyage either.

Are sunsets really better when you are viewing them from a yacht? Yes, and a good captain knows how to maneuver his yacht just right, so you are watching the sunset over the islands and then sailing just past them as it sets. The pictures your guests will take from their iPhones will be proof enough, and some are bound to go viral. It’s hard not to take a picture from such a scenic vantage point. Your guests will want to hand their phones to a crew member and stand together with the sunset in the background. A good crew knows what to do, as the yacht is positioned perfectly for that epic shot.

You will watch your guests breathe in and their facial expressions and body language will say; “Life doesn’t get any better than this.” This is how memories are made. Guests relaxed, social bonds being made, and a new sense of unity forms – that’s what a party yacht rental will do. Your team will never be the same, they will now be one. Perhaps this is why corporate party yachts are making high-scores with event planners, and why everyone is talking about it.

How Many Guests Can Go on a Party Yacht?

The number of guests depends on the size of the yacht, and the party yacht rental company’s fleet. The bigger sized vessels can take 100-300 people. These larger party yachts are preferred of course, as they take even big waves in stride for a nice smooth voyage. Most of the high-class yacht party rentals have many boats and yachts available to fit any need – large size get-togethers or events – whether extended family, corporate, or perhaps a wedding reception.

The ideal size is totally up to you. You merely explain what you need, when you’d like to schedule the yacht party, and what meals or cocktails you want available. Everything is completely customized. Your only job is to dream big, and watch those dreams come true. Life is meant to be lived. Let those closest to you or your corporation know how grateful you are for their efficiency, efforts, and passion. Show them the best time of their life with a thoughtfully planned yacht party.